Comercial Department

: Sales References in Iran
1Logging Sheaves Size 17” & 26” 2007NIDC
2Baker Setting Tools Size 3-1/2”2008NIDC
3OTIS Mandrel Elements Type “W”2008IOOC-Kish Office
4IOOC-Kish Office2008IOOC-Kish Office
5Downhole Chart Reader 2009MSP KALA NAFT
6Wireline Winch Drum W/Power Pack2008IOOC
74” id Single BOP (Wireline Valve) 10K psi wp, 4” id Lubricator, Equalizing Valve2009IOOC
8Inflatable Thru-Tubing Packer Size 1.88” od x 0.50” id and 3.38” od x 0.75” id w/spare elements, running tools, … etc 2009GPT-IOOC
96.3/8” id Single BOP (Modular Wireline Valve) 10k psi w.p, 2010OEOC
10Chemical Injection Mandrel 4-1/2” & 5-1/2”2010Chemical Injection Mandrel 4-1/2” & 5-1/2”
1165 Jts Spiral Drill Collar Size od 11”, 9-2010NIDC
123/4”, 8-1/2” x id 3”, 4145H, 31 ft25 Joints Casing 10-3/4”, C110, 65.7#/ft, N.VamOEOC
13192 Joints Tubing 4-1/2”, L-80, 12.6#/ft, Vam Ace w/ x/over 2010GPT-IOOC
14100 Joints Liner 5”,L-80,18#/ft, Integral Flush2010GPT-IOOC
15303 Joints Tubing 4-1/2”, SM13CR, 12.6#/ft, Vam Ace w/ x/overs IOOC
16Down Hole Mandrel 5-1/2” w/ injection valves 2011PEDCO-ICOFC
17Spooler for running Control Line 2011OEOC
1850 Nr of ¼” Control Line 5000 psi wp & 10,000 psi wp, Manual Band Strap Machine2011IOOC
19¾” Band-It & Strap for Downhole Cable mounting 2011GPT-IOOC
20Dual Ram Hydraulic BOP 6.375” id, Hay Pully 17”& 16”, Lubricator 6.375” id 8ft 11-1/2” 4-acme otis q.u, Adapter 9.1/2”-4 female, Hydro Stuffing Box 16”2011Almansori Mehran (AMOS)
2111.1/2"-4 Female x 9.1/2"-4 Male & Collar Crossover, 11.1/2"-4 Conns x 6.3/8" id One Piece Riser Section 2011POGC
224ft/6ft/8ft/10ft14 Sets 5-1/2” Side Pocket Mandrel Model 2012PEDCO
23MGDRF, wp5k psi, w/injection valve, dummy …5000 Mtrs Perforated Pipe 4-1/2”, 13Cr, 12.6ppf Vam Top 2012PETROPARS
24Weco-Union Flg, DB-6 Lock Mandrel Seal, Redress Kit, Grease 2012PETROPARS
25Dope baker Lock, Riser 20-3/4” Spool, V-Packing & Re-dress 2013PETROPARS
26Kit SLB 5.937 CCDB6 WRSV120 Mtrs 10-3/4” Casing L-80 Vam Flush2012PETROSTEEL C/O PETROPARS
277” x 3-1/2” Completion String such as Hydro-Grip Packer with Elastomer, 4-1/2” Travelling Joint 10ft, 2013/2014IOOC
28Landing Nipple & Pump-out Plug 9000 Mtrs Pipe 4-1/2” 13.5 PPF, 13CRL80 THRD 3SB 2013/2014IOOC
29DSA 20-3/4’ 3K R73 x 21-1/4” 2K R-74 Spool 13-5/8” 10K FLG x 5K FLG, Riser 13-5/8” 10K FLG x HUB2014PETROPARS
30Bridge Plug Inflatable Pkr Size 4.25”, 13Cr 2014PETROPARS
3128 Jints Pup Joints & Pipes 4-1/2”, 13.5 PPF, 13CR-L80 2014/PERSIA - MATN